Rico Possienka

Game Programmer

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// Résumé

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On Rusty Trails (2014-2016 @ Black Pants Studio)

This most recent project is a jump n change puzzle platformer. I spent most of my time implementing gameplay features and character controls. I ported the Unity codebase to our custom game engine in C++, created shaders and implemented a testing framework for our game assets. Additionally, I implemented enemy behaviour, the platform mechanic, real time cutscenes, camera movement, bullet physic tweaking, custom ingame menu integration, input management, cutscene serialization and asset export. For our game engine I added coroutines and math utilities.


Pudding Panic Reloaded (2013 @ Kunst-Stoff)

For the Free to Play port of the iOS premium game Pudding Panic Kunst-Stoff added new worlds, quests, weapons and skins. I implemented the in-game store where the player is able to purchase those items. I helped our UX Design team by tweaking our GUI system, added Flurry integration to analyze player behaviour and added small gameplay tweaks. The game runs on an in-house game engine which was based on the Ogre rendering engine. Pudding Panic is programmed with C++ and Objective-C.


Rubbish Attack (2013 @ Kunst-Stoff)

Rubbish attack is a simple puzzle game that never left the prototyping stage. For this project I implemented a logging system and tweaked basic gameplay elements. The game was made with Unity.


Bayer (2013 @ Kunst-Stoff)

For this exhibition project for the pharma company Bayer I implemented the integration of the Kinect controls. Made with Unity.


Mercedes Benz (2013 @ Kunst-Stoff)

At the Mercedes Benz Clip Generator one player had to steer a car through an abstract world, while up to two other participants can manipulate the environment and sound. At the end of the game you were able to download a replay in video form on your smartphone. For this project I implemented several features including the recording of the replay, the menu with several concurrent cameras and several gameplay tweaks. Made with Unity.


Moor Extrem (2013 @ Kunst-Stoff)

A interactive information table for the Nature Conservation Centre Wurzacher Ried where children can learn about decomposition of plants in swamp and water areas. Made with Unity.





Elbtisch (2013 @ Kunst-Stoff)

For the Natureum Niederelbe I created a information table to inform visitors about the wildlife in and around the Elbe. By dragging moving boats into the harbour the user was able to open videos and pictures. Made with Unity.



Kunst-Stoff GmbH

Black Pants Studio GmbH


// Code Samples


Cubes is a browser game implemented in Javascript and WebGL. It was created for a competition where games were supposed to be smaller than 13 kilo bytes compressed. To achieve that I used the C++ preprocessor to assemble as single javascript file which can then be compressed with uglify or google closure.



EMD View

EMD View can extract 3D files and textures from the Playstation game Resident Evil. The exporter is written in native C, the interface is written in C++ and the Qt framework.


Fast random number generator

XorRandShuffle is a fast and deterministic random floating point numbers generator.


Coroutines in C++

C++ does not support coroutines and generators. However with macros and duff's device it is possible to produce code that looks and behaves very similar. We used this code in the production of On Rusty Trails to create powerful state machines.


// Curriculum Vitae


3/26/1985 Germany, Berlin


German: Native

English: Fluent

Japanese: Beginner

Programming Languages

C++: Professional

C#: Professional

Java: Advanced

Javascript: Advanced

Pascal: Advanced

Visual Basic: Advanced

HTML/XML: Advanced

Game Engines

Scape Game Engine © Black Pants Studio GmbH (http://www.moddb.com/engines/scape)

Orkitec Game Engine © Kunst-Stoff GmbH (http://orkitec.com)

Unity Game Engine © Unity Technologies (http://unity3d.com/)

Software Skills

Visual Studio: Professional

Unity: Professional

gcc, clang, msvc: Professional

PC-Lint: experienced

Linux: experienced

Blender: Beginner


Intel Buzz Workshop Best-Off Show


Fitness, Bicycle, Dancing